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The Advanced Search Editor, showing the underlying criteria in the default template.

TurboTrader's Live Search engine applies its search criteria to the market in real-time, but the default search templates expose only a fraction of its true power.

The Advanced Search Editor allows you to access the full capabilities of the Live Search engine, letting you describe your own detailed search parameters and see them come to life.


The parts of a Live Search

There are several key components that make up a Live Search, each working together to create the final list.

Search Criteria Basics

At the core of the Live Search engine are the Search Criteria. They determine which Assets to show and which to hide, and are applied across the entire exchange.

The drop-down in the top-left of the Advanced Search Editor sets how to match the criteria.

Note: Most of the time you will use the All Of matching mode. Any Of allows you to build searches that meet multiple sets of parameters using Group Matching.

Adding Criteria

Add Button

To add a new Criteria to the Search, click the green Add button along the top of the Search Criteria area.

This will add the default search criteria: Trading Code starts with A. You can then edit the Criteria to whatever you wish.

Removing Criteria

Green Flag Icon

To delete a Criteria, click on the icon at the left of the new row to bring up the menu, and select Delete.

You can also Activate or Deactivate the Criteria from this menu.

Criteria Grouping

The Live Search engine allows you to group criteria together, such that all of the sub-criteria must be met, or only a single sub-criteria must be met. To create a Criteria Group, add a new Criteria and change it to Group Matching by clicking on the row and using the left-hand drop-down. Look for the Group Matching section at the top, and pick the type of matching you wish to use:

Applying and Testing the criteria

When creating a Live Search, we recommend building it up step by step, testing along the way. Use the Apply button in the top-right of the window to test how it works, refining it as you go.

Note: Always remember to Save your Live Search when you're satisfied.

Configuring Search Criteria

The list of comparison operators available for a text value.

TurboTrader offers a lot of different options in choosing your search criteria. With roughly a hundred different fields to search on, and each with their own different parameters, there are a lot of options to choose from.

Once you've added a new Criteria, use the first drop-down to pick the value you wish to search on. From there you can pick the type of comparison you want, which are detailed below.

Standard Comparisons:

Text-Specific Comparisons:

Value Comparisons:

Once you've picked the comparison you want, you can select the right-hand value of the criteria. The Live Search engine will compare the two using the comparison operator you've selected.

The right-hand value can be either a static value (Eg: 4, or 'A'), or the value of another field. TurboTrader will give you a list of all the values that make sense to compare with.

Configuring Values

Some values have additional options against them that let you fine-tune the exact value you wish to work with.

Advanced Comparisons

TurboTrader supports some advanced features, including Regular Expressions, in its Live Search engine.

For more information on the Regular Expression format supported by TurboTrader, visit the MSDN website which details the syntax.

Results Sorting

When your search criteria match more than the maximum number of Assets, Result Sorting comes into play. This limits the number of Assets visible in your list to a manageable amount, and it does so by sorting the entire market based on the field you select and picking the first (or last) results. This feature is used to great effect in generating the Market Movers searches, by sorting the market on the percentage change and limiting it to 20 results.

To configure the results sorting, use the Sort Matches bar at the bottom of the Search Criteria area. This lets you select the field to sort the market on, whether to sort in ascending or descending, and how many results to display.

Note: A field that has no value will not show up regardless of your sort order or number of matches. Eg: If you sort on the Auction Price, only Assets with an Auction Price will show up - the rest will be automatically filtered out.

Search Controls

Search Controls let you tweak parts of your search criteria from the main interface, letting you adjust the severity of your search.

These controls are not currently user-editable, however this will change in the near future as the platform grows.

Tips and Tricks

Some tips to keep in mind as you use the Advanced Search Editor:

Most Importantly: Be careful to not create a search that is too narrow. By the time an Asset meets your strict criteria, it might already be too late to invest.

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