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A view of the Support chatroom (deliberately blurred)

TurboTrader has a number of public chatrooms available for Members to come and discuss all manner of subjects.



Chat Icon To access a Chatroom, you can either visit via the Social Tab, or via the Chat icon on your Desktop Toolbar.

The General Chatroom is available for general discussion on the market, or casual talk about other subjects.

The Peer Support Chatroom is available for any issues with the platform, how to use it, asking questions, suggestions for improvement, or any public enquiries you wish to make. You may even encounter TurboTrader staff in there!

Acceptable Behaviour

The TurboTrader staff are constantly monitoring the Chatrooms. Please keep discussion civil and utilise the same common sense you would in any other social situation. Personal attacks, excessive bad language, or inappropriate discussion will not be tolerated.

Staff can and will issue temporary or permanent bans from the Chatrooms if necessary. Please do not put us in that position!

Lurk, observe, learn

Feel free to lurk in the background and observe the discussion. There is no obligation to join in. That is why we only show total user numbers, rather than a list of names.


The Chatrooms are available around the clock. Staff are generally only present during office hours, but do check on other occasions. After hours some other Subscribers and Members are around. Commence discussion even though there might not be people present. They can scroll back or review history, then answer later.


The chatrooms are quite simple to use. Type into the indicated area, and when you're ready to send your message, press Enter.

Messages will appear below the sender's name and the time of the message. A coloured line will appear between multiple days, to divide the discussion.

The total room numbers for each category are displayed along the bottom. Staff are people who work in the TurboTrader office, Members are people who are part of the Australian Share Traders Co-operative Limited, Subscribers are our general paying subscribers, and Trial users are visitors to our site.

Note: Not all users will visit the chatrooms, and the totals are not indicative of how many people are using TurboTrader.

You can be in multiple rooms at the same time, and even within the same room from multiple windows or computers.

Tip: Create a special Desktop that has just the chatrooms. Open it from the Live tab in a new window, re-size it and tuck in in an unused corner of your screen. Watching others in the Support room can assist with your own knowledge of the platform.

Multiple-Line Messages

Multiple-line messages can be created by holding down Shift when pressing Enter. Please do not abuse this feature by posting unexpectedly large swathes of text, or sanctions may be applied.

Changing your Name

Your publicly visible name defaults to your Account Name, however you can change this from the Social Tab. Visit the Profile area underneath, and click 'Edit Profile'.

Chat History

History for the General Chatroom and the Peer Support Chatroom is available from the Social Tab. Click the Download History link underneath the yellow button, and select the date you wish to download. The history is provided in a HTML format by default, or a computerised XML format for more technical users. Members also have the history for the Co-op Chatroom. Keeping your own history is useful, to locally search and review previous discussion topics.


Chatrooms can be dragged from the Desktop Toolbar onto an existing Chatroom window, which will switch the room you are in.

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