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The Live Tab, showing the Classic area

The Classic Interface is built in the style of TurboTrader Mach 1, where each Live Search or WatchList comes in its own individual window, and Single-Assset windows are displayed in browser popups.

Single-Asset windows can be opened from the Asset Search area, and Live Searches, WatchLists and News Filters are listed for quick opening.


Why the Classic Interface

The Desktop Interface, while far more advanced and powerful than what the Classic Interface offers, is not without its drawbacks. The main problem is that it is far too system-intensive and hard on your browser for more limited devices such as Smartphones, Tablets, or systems with low specifications.

For this reason, we've created the Classic Interface which opens individual browser windows, sacrificing the docking, grouping and some of the Drag-and-Drop functionality to provide an interface that can be used on limited input devices.

Using the Classic Interface

An Indexes Live Search in the Classic Interface, running under Chrome

All your Live Searches, WatchLists and News Filters are listed on the main Classic page, with links to open each in an individual page. Once open, you can modify, rename or delete the opened item as normal.

Save Icon

Blank searches, WatchLists and filters can be created by using the 'Unused Search', 'Unused WatchList' or 'All News' links. Changes you make can be saved by using the Save icon (shown left).


The Float icon (shown left) can be clicked to open the window out into its own independent browser pop-up, identical to the 'Float' functionality in TurboTrader Mach 1.

Single-Asset Windows

Windows such as Asset Details, Course of Trades, Market Depth, Charts and News Filters can be opened via the Asset Search section. Simply enter a trading code, or part of an asset name, then click the window you wish to open. TurboTrader will perform a search, presenting you with multiple options if necessary, and then provide the desired information.

Note: TurboTrader Mach 2 does not combine the Course of Trades and Market Depth windows together with Asset Details.

Accessing the Chatrooms

Chatrooms are available from the Social Tab in a similar design to the Classic Interface.

See the main Chatrooms article for more information.

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