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The Desktop Toolbar is displayed across the top of the Desktop Interface, providing access to various data sources and summary information on the status of the market and your account.

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Toolbar Buttons

The toolbar buttons are the primary way of accessing the various features available in the TurboTrader Desktop Interface.

Live Search

Provides access to your saved Live Searches. Hover the mouse over to view the list of your Searches.


Provides access to your saved WatchLists. Hover the mouse over to view the list of your WatchLists.


Provides access to the various Charting Templates available. Hover the mouse over to view the list of the available Chart Templates.

Asset Details

Opens the Asset Details window.

Market Depth

Opens the Market Depth window.

Course of Trades

Opens the Course of Trades window.

News Filter

Provides acccess to your saved News Filters. Hover the mouse over to view the list of News Filters.

Portfolio Status

Provides access to your Portfolios. Hover the mouse over to view the list of your Portfolios.


Provides access to the TurboTrader Chatrooms, direct from your Desktop. Hover the mouse over to view the list of available Chatrooms.


Lets you reconfigure the desktop.

See Also: Desktop Settings


The Help icon provides quick links to popular Support articles in our Wiki.

See Also: Quick Help


Safely closes the Desktop, returning to the Live page for your Account.

Status Areas

Market Status

The Market Status area, next to the clock, displays the current exchange time and trading state.

Account Status

The Account Status area, next to the person in white, displays your current Account name. For Dynamic Data subscribers, you will also see the number of Session Points you are using, and for Static Data subscribers, the number of Static Views remaining.

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