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The Movers system search being dragged onto a blank search window

Drag-and-Drop functionality is one of the powerful new features of TurboTrader Mach 2. It allows you to quickly change the Asset being displayed in a Course of Trades or any other Single-Asset window, add Assets to WatchLists, or switch rapidly between various Live Searches.


How it works

Many things in the TurboTrader Desktop Interface can be dragged from window to window, from the purple headers of an Asset window, to the rows in a Live Search, WatchList or News Filter, and even the buttons on the Desktop Toolbar.

When you begin dragging, you'll see a semi-transparent summary of what you're dragging appear - an Asset code, the name of your Search, etc. Any windows on your desktop that won't accept what you're dragging will gain a red border.

Once you've dragged something onto a valid target, any number of actions may happen. Dragging a WatchList onto any of the Asset list windows (Live Search, WatchList, or Portfolio Status) will cause it to display that WatchList instead, but dragging an Asset from another Live Search, News Filter, or any other Asset source will add it to that WatchList (or if it's already in the list, remove it).

Note: You can't drag something into its own window, so for example, you cannot drag a row out of a WatchList and onto itself in order to remove it from the WatchList.

Advanced Drag and Drop

If supported by your browser, TurboTrader can support more advanced drag and drop functionality, allowing you to drag Assets and other objects between independent TurboTrader windows. This allows us to support multiple monitors in a user-friendly manner.

What can I drag

Some windows only accept some types of objects, so you can't drag a Live Search onto a Market Depth window, but you may be surprised. Drag things around and see what happens.

Here are some examples:

Common Questions

How do I cancel dragging

Simply drag off the edge of the screen, to the Desktop Toolbar, or to an invalid location. You can also press escape.

How do I drag to a different window

If your browser supports it, TurboTrader will attempt to use the HTML 5 drag-and-drop functionality, allowing you to safely drag between windows or even different browsers. This works with both the Desktop and Classic Interface.

If you cannot drag between windows, you may be using a browser that does not fully support this feature, such as mobile browsers or versions of Internet Explorer earlier than IE 10. You may also want to check the Use Advanced Drag and Drop option under your Live Settings page.

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