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At the "Live" tab there is the "Create Desktop" facility. Either start with a blank desktop and add windows, or copy one of the default desktops and modify it to suit.

The following examples will provide further guidance and suggestions. See the background information about Desktop.

Note that all desktops use Docked windows, enabling the same arrangement on the next occasion that the desktop is opened.

Remember that even on a small laptop computer, more than one desktop can be open simultaneously in separate browser windows. With two or more external monitors, there could be separate desktops open on each. Alternatively one huge desktop could stretch across the two displays.

For a quick start, if you have a friend with a useful TT Desktop, or to use of of the examples below, send a Support request and advise which account names and which desktop names to be transferred. The content of watchlists and searches are not transferred, just the window arrangements.


Example desktop: medium-1

For a medium-sized display.

On the left there are three sets of tabbed search windows and two sets of tabbed watchlists. Using drag-and-drop from the top Desktop Toolbar, any of those can be replaced with content of a different search.

On the right is a set of asset details windows, all grouped together. Drag-and-drop an asset from one of the tables to view its state.

To see News for an asset, drag-and-drop the News from the top Desktop Toolbar onto one of the asset windows.


Example desktop: medium-2

For a medium-sized display.

Similar to "medium-1". Shows how placing the wider tables side-by-side can make better use of the space.

The two chart windows are also grouped, daily in front, intra-day behind.


Example desktop: medium-3

For a medium-sized display.

Similar to "medium-1".

Also has a set of three chatrooms. (Note that the content has been blanked out.)

Also has an all-of-market News filter. To see news for a particular asset, drag-and-drop its name onto this News window. Press clear button to see all news again.

The various asset windows are not grouped.


Example desktop: small-1

For a small-sized display.

A small arrangement showing three tabbed searches and two tabbed watchlists. The Indexes are always displayed, and an all-of-market News filter.

To view details for an asset, select its name in the table. A floating window will open. To change to see a Market Depth, then drag-and-drop the relevant icon from the top Desktop Toolbar. To view Course-of-trades or a Chart, do a similar action.


Example desktop: small-2

For a small-sized display.

This has two layers of windows. The one behind, labelled "3 Windows" has the three chatrooms.

The front layer has a set of tabbed search and watchlist windows. The asset details windows are grouped together. To view a chart, drag-and-drop the relevant chart option from the top Desktop Toolbar.


Example desktop: large-1

For a large-sized display.

Sometimes a few assets need to be closely watched. This desktop is used on a large external monitor. This has three sets of asset windows. None of them are grouped together, so that any window can be quickly changed by drag-and-drop an asset from one of the tables.

Note that each of the four columns contain the same type of window (session, depth, course-of-trades, charts). This enables each column to be horizontally re-sized, so as to use the minimum amount of desktop space.

The XAO intra-day chart is always open in the bottom-right.

On the main smaller laptop display there is a separate desktop always open, which contains just the three chatrooms.


Example desktop: large-2

For large-sized displays. This one spans two adjoining monitors. The main screen is a 17" MacBook Pro. Connected to the right side is a 30" cinema display.

This TT Desktop covers all of the main screen and seamlessly extends onto 75% of the large monitor. Doing this facilitates drag-and-drop to any part of the large desktop, rather than having separate desktops on each monitor. The division is not intrusive, as it passes through the right side of the News windows.

This arrangement enables very speedy review. An interesting asset is noticed in one of the search windows. Drag-and-drop it onto the top "Market Depth" window. This row of windows is Grouped, so the asset is automatically presented in the Course-of-Trades, News Filter, and the tabbed Daily and Intra-day Chart windows. If the asset is of further interest then drag-and-drop it to the big daily chart window, which also has a large intra-day chart tabbed behind.

The middle row is tabbed groups of three asset windows, for some assets that need to be closely watched. The XAO intra-day chart is always open in the bottom-left.

On the larger right-hand monitor there is a separate desktop always open, which contains just the three chatrooms. It is behind this market desktop and extends below, so that it is easy to see any new conversation and switch to that desktop when ready.

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