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The Live Session window is where any table of market assets is displayed, and encompasses Live Searches, WatchLists and Portfolio Status windows.

Any of these object types can be dragged into the Live Session window to change what it is displaying.

Live Searches

One of TurboTrader's most powerful features is the Live Search. It allows you to apply your search criteria to the market in real-time, and watch the action as it happens.

See the main Live Search page for more information.


TurboTrader allows you to create and store as many WatchLists as you like, each with up to 100 stocks in it.

See the main WatchList page for more information.

Portfolio Status

TurboTrader allows you to bring up a dynamic list of holdings for a Portfolio, as well as view the matches to its Like criteria.

See the main Portfolio Status page for more information.

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