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The Live Settings page, available from the Live Tab.

The TurboTrader Interface has a number of settings you can use to configure its default behaviour and appearance.



Appearance settings change the visuals for the Desktop and Classic Interface.

Note: This does not include the overall site theme. See the Details area of the Account Tab for how to change this setting.

Desktop Quality

For systems with more limited processing capabilities, we offer the ability to turn off high-quality features such as rounded corners, shadows and fancy scrollbars.

Select High to enable the high-quality interface, and Low to disable them. Note that this will have no effect if your browser does not support those features anyway. See Supported Browsers for more information.

Live Icons

TurboTrader offers two sets of icons that can be used in the Live Tables to display alert and status information.

Show Quick Help

Selecting Yes will display the Quick Help icons on relevant windows in both the Desktop and Classic Interfaces. You can turn them off by selecting No here instead.

Note that this will not remove the Help icon from the Desktop Toolbar.


These settings change the available functionality in the TurboTrader interface.

Use Advanced Drag and Drop

When set to Yes, allows TurboTrader to use the HTML 5 Drag-and-Drop features in modern browsers.

As HTML 5 is still experimental in some browsers, we recommend turning this off if you encounter problems with this feature. We have noted some minor incompatibilities in Safari for Windows that prevent it from functioning correctly.

Default Settings

These settings change the default behaviour of the TurboTrader interface.

Default Interface

This allows you to choose which interface you prefer to see when clicking on the Live Tab - the Desktop Interface, or the Classic Interface.

Default Asset Action

This allows you to choose which window you wish to automatically open when clicking an Asset link from a Live Search, WatchList or Portfolio.

Default Search Editor

When editing a Live Search, there are two options available - the Basic Search Editor and the Advanced Search Editor. This setting allows you to select which one you are presented with by default.

Default Layout Editor

When editing a Table Layout, there are two options available - the Basic Layout Editor and the Advanced Layout Editor. This setting allows you to select which one you are presented with by default.


TurboTrader allows you to use variables in certain places within your Live Searches. This allows you to configure and use the same Trade Safety settings for your entire Account, without having to modify each individual search.

See Also: The Advanced Search Editor provides more details on configuring search parameters.

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