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The default Live Tab, showing the Desktop area

The Live Tab is the gateway to all the live data facilities of TurboTrader.

It provides access to the Desktop Interface and the Classic Interface, as well as configuration settings to tweak the presentation of live data.


Desktop Interface

The TurboTrader Desktop Interface is the primary way we provide for viewing the market.

From the Desktop area, you can manage your Desktops, create/rename/delete them, swap layouts and more.

See the main article on the Desktop Interface for more details.

Classic Interface

The Live Tab, showing the Classic area

The Classic interface is built more in the style of TurboTrader Mach 1, where each Live Search or WatchList comes in its own individual window, and Single-Assset windows are displayed in browser popups.

Single-Asset windows can be opened from the Asset Search area, and Live Searches, WatchLists and News Filters are listed for quick opening.

See the main article on the Classic Interface for more details.

Live Settings

The Live Settings area provides configuration options for the live interface. Change the default behaviours, visual settings, and more.

See the main article on your Live Settings for more details.


The Presets area allows you to view and restore any of the preset Desktop layouts, Live Searches, and WatchLists.

See the main article on Presets for more details.

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