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TurboTrader Mach 2 is a complete upgrade of the old Mach 1 platform. This involves a lot of changes and improvements to the site, and may be confusing for people used to Mach 1.


Account Upgrade

As part of the Mach 2 platform release, all existing accounts have been upgraded free of charge!

We have ensured all your details, Watchlists and Profiles are transitioned safely across to the new platform.

What has changed?

Apart from the obvious difference in look and feel, a lot of things have changed from Mach 1.

Live Profiles

Live Profiles have evolved and become the greatest tool in Mach 2: Live Searches. These offer a much more powerful tool, allowing you to define almost any criteria you wish to search the entire market in real time.

All your existing Live Profiles will have been upgraded to Live Searches. In addition, we offer a basic configuration mode that will let you tweak your Live Search the same way you did in Mach 1, by entering the basic parameters. Once you're comfortable with Mach 2, you can upgrade to the advanced mode and access the full power of Live Searches.

Side Indices and Market Movers

The indices are no longer offered on every page, and the Market Movers are no longer in a popup window. Instead, they have all become Live Searches, accessible alongside your upgraded Live Profiles. This means you are now able to design your own Market Mover searches, tweak the indices search, and more!

Live Tab

The Live tab where you once accessed your Live Profiles and Watchlists has grown, and we now offer two different versions - Classic and Desktop.

The Classic interface most closely resembles the old Mach 1 style, where your searches are contained within our website as always. The next best addition to Mach 2, however, comes when you use the Desktop interface. This is an advanced docking window interface very reminiscent of platforms like Pulse and E*Trade Pro, only it is hosted entirely in your browser.


Charting has migrated from the Asset Details window into its own section, visible from the Desktop toolbar.

Intra-Day charting has been significantly enhanced, with the addition of three days of intra-day history (including the current trading day) as well as configurable time intervals, ranging from one minute all the way up to hourly. Other longer-term chart intervals, beyond Daily, are also now available.

The Charts now also have configurable indicators.

Note that with Intra-day charts the Total Bid and Total Ask lines indicator has moved to the Volume panel, as it relates to volume not price. With Mach1 we found that some people were incorrectly interpreting them by watching when they crossed the candles, which is totally wrong. As with many things, this can be configured.


News has also migrated from the Asset Details window into its own section, visible from the Desktop toolbar.

The most exciting addition is that News can now be viewed across the entire market, giving a full news ticker interface. In addition, we have added news headline filtering, allowing you to search the headlines for key words. News Filters can be saved and switched between easily.


The Portfolio has been completely revamped and redesigned, and as such we cannot upgrade your Portfolio settings. Only your list of Holdings will have been brought across.

The Portfolio is still under heavy development, but you can already see its power in the Like List.

What is new?

Plenty of things have changed and evolved from Mach 1, but there are also entirely new features to explore. Some are:

Configurable Live Search

The Live Search facility is new to replace old Profiles.

Configurable Table Layouts

Mach 2 now allows you to add, remove, reorder and reformat the columns in your live tables. You can save your favourite layouts and apply them as defaults to various Live Searches and WatchLists. We have many, many columns available for selecting.

New Documentation

The online documentation is much better, now using this Wiki. Start at the Main Page and also use the search facility at the top-right of each page. There is help with using this documentation.

Social Profiles

You can now change the name you use in the chat rooms, independent of your Account name. We are also planning on expanding this to allow Friends lists, so you can tell when people you know are online and available for discussion.

Multiple Portfolios

Instead of just one, you can now have an unlimited number of Portfolios at your disposal.

Customise your Subscription

You can now customise your TurboTrader subscription how you want it, paying for only the features you want.

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