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A blank News Filter acting as a global news ticker for the market

TurboTrader comes with a news headlines feed, allowing you to view announcements for individual Assets or the entire market, as well as filter based on keywords and news types.


News Announcements

A blank News Filter showing the recent announcements for BHP
News Icon

To access a News Filter, you can either enter the trading code of an asset in the Classic area of the Live Tab and select 'News', or via the News icon on your Desktop Toolbar. You can also bring it up by clicking on the link displayed in a Live Search, WatchList or News Filter, if your default action is 'News'.

News Filters can be used to filter based on individual keywords in the headlines, as well as the type of news to view.

At the moment, TurboTrader does not offer downloadable PDF documents containing the body of each announcement. We recommend you utilise the ASX website or your trading platform for this functionality.

This window consumes 1 Session Point when used by a Dynamic Data subscriber, or one Static View per refresh when viewed by a Static Data subscriber.


A News Filter using the word 'Directors', showing the configuration window

The News Filter displays the last 100 news announcements by default, going back to the 1st of February, 2012.

Go Button You can enter a trading code into the text box in the top right. Pressing Enter or clicking the Go button (shown left) will search for a matching asset. By default, an exact match will switch to that asset, but you can force a broader search by holding down Ctrl or Shift when pressing Enter or clicking Go. This will bring up a search window with matches again both code and name, letting you select the asset you desire.

Clear Button You can clear the currently selected Asset, and make the filter apply to the entire market, by clicking the Clear button (shown left).

Pause Button Dynamic Data subscribers can pause the News Filter by clicking the Pause button (shown left), suspending any new data until the corresponding Resume button is pressed.

See also: Window Grouping for how to link this to any other Single-Asset window.

Filter Configuration

Menu Icon To access the News Filter configuration, click the Menu icon at the top-left of the filter (shown left). This will bring up the News Configuration window (shown above).

Search Queries can be entered by listing the words you wish to match in the headlines. TurboTrader uses flexible text matching to perform its searching, so minor variations on words will match (eg: "Director" matches "directors", "Director's", etc). All the words you enter must be found in the headline.

You can also filter based on the type of news article. Most people will only ever see Company Announcements or Notice Received messages, but messages from Market Control or General are possible.

Once you're happy with your changes, click the Apply button to alter the filter display.

Note: TurboTrader does not currently support more advanced search queries such as AND or OR criteria.

Managing Filters

Save Icon To save a News Filter, click the save icon (shown left) on either the window header or from the drop-down menu. The Save News Filter window will appear, allowing you to enter a name and description of the filter you've created. Clicking the Save button will update an existing filter (if you opened one), and Save As will save a new filter.

You can also use this to update the name or description of a filter, simply by opening it and using the 'Save' button from the Save News Filter window.

Delete Icon To delete an existing News Filter, open it and then select the Delete icon (shown left) from the drop-down menu. Click 'Delete' in the confirmation window, or 'Keep' if you've changed your mind.

Default Targeting

Window Menu If you would like this window to be the default target when you click an Asset Code inside a Live Search, WatchList or Portfolio Status, look to the menu.

Default Button From there, select the Make Default item. The default target will apply to all windows that are part of the Group.


Like all Single-Asset windows, News can receive any Asset in order to display its recent announcement. The purple bar is also a draggable object, allowing you to drag it onto any window that accepts an Asset - Asset Details, Course of Trades, Market Depth, or Charts - as well as onto a WatchList or Portfolio Status that is showing a Like list.

News Filters themselves are draggable objects from the toolbar. You can drag the icon itself onto any other Single-Asset window, which will bring up the global filter for the targeted Asset, or you can drag any of the individual filter buttons onto an existing News Filter to use that filter instead.

News Filters can also receive a dragged Asset Details, Course of Trades, Market Depth, or Charts icon from the toolbar. If the window is docked, this will cause a new window to open with the dragged type, targeted to the Asset being displayed. If the window is floating, the News Filter will be replaced by the type that was dragged.

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