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Part of the Portfolio Summary page, showing a Paper Trading Portfolio with default configuration and no holdings.

The TurboTrader Portfolio manages your individual Holdings, and is the level at which you can configure Portfolio Automation and perform Manual Trading.


What is a Portfolio

In TurboTrader, there are three concepts we make the distinction between:

Many trading platforms will only give you one Portfolio per Trading Account, but TurboTrader lets you create as many Portfolios as you like, each with their own separate balances and configuration.

This makes it very easy to manage separate pools of money for different trading styles or sectors, and to see the performance of each Portfolio versus the others.

Use it to refine your trading strategies, or just make your account neatly organised - it's entirely up to you.

Note: TurboTrader currently offers Paper Trading only.

See Also: Trading Accounts for more information on the difference between a Portfolio and a Trading Account..

The Like List

The Like List is the first step in combining Live Searches and the Portfolio. The Like List combines hard and fast rules for display along with a scoring system that lets you combine many indicators to efficiently rank the market in terms of your own trading criteria.

For more information, visit the Like List page.

The Keep List

Combining the ideas behind the Like List with your list of Holdings, the Keep List attempts to rank your holdings based on their estimated performance, calculated using your own rules.

For more information, visit the Keep List page.

Creating a Portfolio

To create a Portfolio, visit the Trading Tab on the main website, taking you to the All Accounts Summary. From there, click the Create Portfolio button.

Enter a useful name for the new Portfolio up the top, give yourself a starting balance to work with, and select your initial Portfolio Automation settings. When you're satisfied, click Create to activate the new Portfolio for trading.

Trading with TurboTrader

The View Asset Page for a Portfolio.

To begin paper trading, visit either the Summary or Orders area for a Portfolio, and enter a stock code or name into the search box. This will take you to a page (shown right) where you can access the Classic Interface details for an Asset, place Bid or Ask Orders, and view your recent order history with this Asset.

Placing Orders

Look to the Trading section of the View Asset page, where you will find a button to begin placing a Bid order on the market.

If you hold any shares in the selected Asset, you will also see a button to place an Ask order.

See Also: The Orders page for details on placing an Order on the market.

Managing your Portfolio

Under the Trading Tab, switch to the Manage area to perform any maintenance tasks on your Portfolio. From there, you can:

With Paper Trading Portfolios, you can also:

Portfolios and the Desktop Interface

The Portfolio is also available in a limited fashion from the Desktop Interface.

Portfolio Icon

To access a Portfolio, you can click on the Portfolio icon on your Desktop Toolbar and select the Portfolio you wish to view. You can also drag a Portfolio from the drop-down menu onto a Live Session window containing an existing Live Search, WatchList or Portfolio Status.

Note: The integration between your Portfolios and the Desktop Interface will be improving in the coming months as TurboTrader continues to evolve.

See Also: Portfolio Status for more information.

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