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The Portfolio Status window showing the Like List

TurboTrader allows you to bring up a dynamic list of holdings for a Portfolio, as well as view the matches to its Like Criteria.


Portfolio Monitoring

Portfolio Icon

To access the Portfolio Status, you can either open one directly from the Trading Tab, or via the Portfolio icon on your Desktop Toolbar.

The Portfolio Status window comes in two modes - Like List and Keep List. The Like List displays matches to the Like Criteria, which are user-defined rules describing what you think constitutes a good trade. The Keep List is all your holdings, and provides a scoring facility that you can use to describe the relative performance of each investment.

By default, we provide you with a single Paper-Trading Portfolio to start off with.

This window consumes 10 Session Points to show a Like List and 5 to show a Keep List when used by a Dynamic Data subscriber, or one Static View per refresh when viewed by a Static Data subscriber.


Portfolio Status can be switched between Like List (Portfolio Likes) and Keep List (Live Holdings) by using the Mode drop-down in the top-left.

Portfolio Likes

The Portfolio Likes show all the matches to the Like Criteria for that particular Portfolio. You can also add your own Assets to the list by using the Add/Remove Code box, or by dragging Assets in, which will add them to the Like List and show their calculated Like Score.

Live Holdings

Live Holdings shows the state of the currently held Assets within the Portfolio. By bringing up the Asset Details for each Asset, you can view more detailed holdings information.


Portfolios themselves are draggable objects from the toolbar. You can drag any of the individual buttons onto a Live Session window containing an existing Live Search, WatchList, or Portfolio Status.

Individual rows in the status window are also draggable objects. You can drag them to any window that accepts an Asset - Asset Details, Course of Trades, Market Depth, Charts, or News Filters - as well as onto a WatchList or another Portfolio Status that is showing a Like list.

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