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TurboTrader offers a customisable selection of subscription options, letting you pick the plan that best suits your trading needs.


Data Service

Required for all subscribers, the selected Data Service gives you access to the market at the rate you need.

Dynamic Live Data

Dynamic Data subscribers get live, near-unlimited access to the market data. All data displays update automatically, with no manual refreshing or requesting required.

The only restriction is the number of Session Points you select, which restricts the amount of data you can pull down at any one time. Think of it like your bandwidth limit - you can download an unlimited amount, but you have a speed limit on how fast.

Static Live Data

Static Data subscribers get live, static access to the market data for a price much lower than a full Dynamic Data subscription.

Data displays must be updated manually, and each request costs Static Views, which must be purchased along with the low monthly subscription cost.

Service Extras

Customise your TurboTrader experience further, by attaching extra trading tools to your Account.

Daily Data Delivery

You can select to be emailed a data file containing the End of Day prices for the entire market.

The EOD files are sent shortly after seven-thirty in the evening of every trading day. We offer data in CSV format and welcome requests for others to better suit your preferred charting package.

Advanced Charting Tools

Advanced Charting Tools enables access to time intervals outside of the Daily option, including weekly, monthly, yearly, and intra-day intervals anywhere from hourly down to the minute.

Advanced Charting Tools also enables customisable chart layouts, allowing you to add, remove, and tweak your indicators.

Automated Portfolio Trading

Practice your trading strategies with our suite of automated trading tools.

Utilising the Paper Trading market simulator, each Automated Portfolio slot allows you to enable one Portfolio for automated trading using the rules you select.

Learn More

For more information, visit our Plans and Services page.

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