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Static Data subscribers must purchase Static Views in order to access live data. These assign a cost to each request for data, based on the royalty structure from the ASX.

The difference between Static and Dynamic data

All subscribers have access to the Desktop and Classic interfaces, but their functioning is slightly different for Static Data subscribers. Rather than market data being displayed automatically, it now becomes a static display and must be manually updated, with Pause and Resume replaced by Refresh buttons.

Note: Windows without market data, such as chatrooms, will continue to be dynamic.

How do they work

Static Views are consumed whenever live data is requested. This can be via the Desktop or Classic Interface, or the Trading Tab. Unlike Session Points, Static Views are not freed once the data is closed, and once used are gone forever.

Note: Be aware that loading a Desktop will take one view for each data window as they automatically load.

How do I buy more Static Views?

Static Views can be purchased from the Service page, available under the Account Tab.

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