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TurboTrader is intended to support all modern web browsers.


Supported Browsers

Our supported browsers include, but are not limited to, Firefox, Safari (Windows and OS X), Chrome, Opera, and Internet Explorer.

Note: We do not support Internet Explorer 7 or earlier.


TurboTrader requires that JavaScript is enabled, in order to support our dynamic data interface.


For the best experience with TurboTrader, we recommend you have the latest version of your chosen browser.

Some functionality of our advanced Desktop interface is not suited for smartphones or other touch-screen devices, such as Drag-and-Drop of stock codes. In this situation, we recommend the Classic Interface be used.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 7.0 is marginally functional, with some major graphical issues, and we recommend upgrading to at least Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher. Microsoft have ended support for Internet Explorer 7.0 and are recommending all users upgrade immediately.

Further information

Whatever browser you choose, follow the normal good practice of keeping up-to-date with new revisions of that software.

See these instructions to install an alternative browser.

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