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The Basic Layout Editor, showing the Default Market Layout

TurboTrader offers the ability to customise the columns and style of any Live Session-based window, which includes Live Searches, WatchLists, and Portfolio Status displays.

Layout Edit Mode The Layout Editor can be brought up by clicking the Window Menu icon and selecting Change Layout.


Using the Editor

The Layout Editor has three main areas - Saved Layouts, Layout Organiser, and the Column Editor.

Saved Layouts gives you a list of all the layouts you've previously saved. Selecting one will allow you to edit it, and it defaults to the layout currently active in the open Live Session. Click on New Layout to remove all columns and start with a blank layout, then when you're satisfied, click Apply to update the display.

To sort or re-order the columns in your layout, use the preview table. Drag columns left and right, releasing the mouse over the new position. Use the Sorting drop-down box to pick the column to sort as by default.

Basic Column Editor

Basic Editor The Basic Editor provides a simple interface for adding and removing pre-defined column styles.

Clicking items in the left-hand list will add them to the end of the list of columns, while clicking those in the right-hand list will remove them from the layout.

Advanced Column Editor

Advanced Editor The Advanced Editor exposes the full power of the TurboTrader table layout engine, allowing you to completely customise the displayed data. If it is not the default editor, you can switch to it by clicking the Advanced button (shown left)

Click on the rows in the column configuration area to expand its editing area. Use the green Add icon down the very bottom to add a new row, or the Delete icon to remove a row.

Note: You can make the Advanced editor your default from the Live Settings area.

Saving Layouts

Save Icon If you like your new layout, you still need to save it. Click the Save Icon in the top-right to bring up the Save Layout Configuration window. Some layouts are 'System Layouts', and cannot be edited - in this case, give the layout a new name and click Save As.

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