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Step 1: Open the Standard Desktop from the Live Tab, desktop area

This tutorial will walk you through the steps to get familiar with the Standard Desktop, and accessing the Single-Asset windows such as Market Depth, Course of Trades and Charts.

Note: All Tutorials are written for Free Trial users. Your Account may be slightly different.


The Standard Desktop Layout

The Standard Desktop is the second of the preset layouts provided to all subscribers. It provides two Live Session areas, a global News Filter, and a set of grouped Asset Details, Course of Trades and Market Depth windows.

Click the Standard Desktop link from your Live Tab to begin the Tutorial. Give the page a moment to load, and you should see something like the image on the right.

This is an example of a more complicated desktop layout, and demonstrates advanced docking, as well as grouping.

Drag a couple of your Live Searches down from the toolbar into the blank areas. Highs and Mids are a good place to start, and you should end up with several Assets in the list.

Displaying Details

Step 2: Drag an Asset from the list and drop it onto the Course of Trades
Step 2 Result: The details of the selected Asset.

The next step is to view some details on an Asset that interests you. Find one you like, hold the mouse down on it, and drag it over to the right. You will see a ghostly box containing the Asset's name appear. When it's over the Course of Trades window, release the mouse.

All three windows down the right will now automatically populate with the Asset you've dragged. The basic analysis data will show in Asset Details, the current price, state, and recent trades will show in the Course of Trades, and the current orders on the market will show in the Market Depth.

Alternatives to Drag-and-Drop

In addition to targeting an Asset via Drag-and-Drop, you can also enter a code into any of the three search boxes within the purple banners. Press enter or click the green Go button, and TurboTrader will search for any matches. If the code you've entered is an exact match to a trading code, it will appear, otherwise you will be presented with a list of possible matches to select from.

Showing Daily Charts

Step 3: Hover over the Chart icon, and drag the Candlesticks template.
Step 3b: Drop the template onto one of the right-hand windows.
Step 3 Result: The daily candlesticks chart appears.

Charts Icon Charts are available from the Chart icon in the Desktop Toolbar. Hover your mouse over it, and drag the Candlesticks button across to any of the right-hand windows.

Once you release your mouse, a new Charts window will appear, targeting the Asset you selected in Step 2. Give it a moment to load, and the chart will appear, defaulting to a period of 40-days.

Utilising the Chart Display

The Candlesticks Chart Template displays the standard Candlestick Chart representing the Open/High/Low/Close for each day, as well as the Bollinger Bands, and a histogram showing the total volume for each day.

You'll also notice a blue candle on the far right. This displays the current price movement for the day, relative to the rest of the chart.

All TurboTrader charts automatically resize to fill the window. Feel free to change the dimensions to get a better view of the chart.

Change the display period by using the Period drop-down in the chart controls bar. You can show up to 200 days on a daily interval. Other long-term intervals are available, such as Weekly and Monthly and Yearly.

Save Icon If you want to save the Chart for emailing, or recording on your computer, you can click the Save Icon in the top-right of the window. The Chart will open in a new window, letting you save it from your browser like any other image.

Showing the Intra-Day Chart

Step 4: Hover over the Chart icon, and drag the Intra-Day Candlesticks template.
Step 4 Result: The intra-day candlesticks chart appears.

TurboTrader also provides Intra-Day Charts to Free Trial users, or subscribers who have selected the Advanced Charting Service.

To bring up the Intra-Day chart, hover over the Charts icon again, and drag the Intra-Day Candlesticks button. This time, rather than dragging it onto one of the right-hand windows, you can drag it onto the chart that is currently open.

Utilising the Intra-Day Chart

The Intra-Day chart has a few differences to the daily template. The Bollinger Bands are not shown on Intra-Day, and the Volume histogram has two new lines overlaid on it. These lines represent the relative values of the total Bid orders versus the total Ask orders.

The Intra-Day chart supports showing up to three days of data (including the current trading day). You can also alter the interval for each record, all the way up to one-hour per candle.

Complete the Tutorial

Close Icon When you're finished with the Chart, close it by using the Close Window icon (shown left). In later, we will show you how to dock this window so you can keep the chart visible as you browse the market.

This completes the second Tutorial on using TurboTrader.


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