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Step 1: Open the Standard Desktop from the Live Tab, desktop area

This tutorial will walk you through the features available through Drag-and-Drop.

Note: All Tutorials are written for Free Trial users. Your Account may be slightly different.


Getting Started

To begin this tutorial, open the Standard Desktop link from your Live Tab. If you've been using this Desktop previously, ensure the preset My WatchList is available in one of the Live Session windows.

Reviewing the Basics

Step 2c: Drag the Highs Live Search from the Desktop Toolbar to one of the Live Session windows

First, we'll quickly cover the basics of how Drag-and-Drop works in TurboTrader.

Sending an Asset to an Asset Window

You can drag an Asset from any window with a table (Live Searches, WatchLists, Portfolio Status, or News Filters) and drop it on any window accepting a code.

Quickly opening a floating Asset Window

You can drag a Toolbar icon onto a docked window in order to open it with the current Asset as the target.

Step 2b: Drag the News icon from the Desktop Toolbar to the Asset Details window

Quickly switching Search, WatchList, Chart, Filter, Portfolio or Chatroom

You can drag a Live Search, WatchList, Chart, News Filter, Portfolio or a Chatroom onto the appropriate window to switch to it.

Live Searches, WatchLists and Portfolios can be dropped on any window with a live table. These are known as the Live Session windows.

Charts can be dropped on a Chart window, or on a window with a selected Asset.

News Filters can be dropped on a News Filter window to change the filter parameters, or like the Chart, on a window with a selected Asset.

There's a lot more you can do with Drag-and-Drop though. Let's cover some more advanced tasks.

Working with WatchLists

Step 3: Drag a result from your Live Search into your WatchList to add it

Add and Remove Assets

You can easily add or remove Assets by dragging them from another window. In the example below, I've dragged FMG from my Highs search and dropped it on my WatchList, causing it to appear.

You can do the same again to remove it - dropping an Asset that's already in a WatchList will remove it.

Working with Asset Windows

Step 4b: Open an Asset Details window by holding Shift and clicking on BHP, then change it to show a Chart by dragging the Chart icon from the Desktop Toolbar.

Drag from an Asset Window

You already know you can drag Assets into an Asset Window such as a Course of Trades or Market Depth, but you can also drag Assets from an Asset Window.

Here, I've entered WBC into my Asset Details window, and want to add it quickly to my WatchList. By dragging the purple header, I can do this.

Step 4: Enter WBC into the Asset Details window, then drag the purple header onto the WatchList.

Change an Asset Window style

You can perform this task with any window accepting an Asset, including Charts and News Filters.

When you have a popup window (by single-clicking the toolbar icons), you can change its display by dragging a different icon onto it. You can also open a popup by holding Shift and clicking an Asset Name.

Window to Window

Step 5b: Drag NAB from your WatchList and drop it into the popup window. Here, I've switched to the History tab too.

With a HTML-5 supported browser (which means anything that's not IE 9 or lesser), you can even drag things between windows.

First, open up a popup by holding Shift and then Double-Clicking on the title of your Asset Details window. Here, I'm using Chrome.

Step 5a: Turn any window on your TurboTrader desktop into a popup by holding Shift and Double-Clicking the title.

In fact, any drag/drop operations you can do within a Desktop will also work between popups.

Note: Popups are also the core of the Classic Interface. Drag and Drop between them only works with a HTML-5 supported browser.

This completes the first Imtermediary Tutorial on using TurboTrader.


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