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A Live WatchList, showing a small selection from the ASX50

TurboTrader allows you to create and store as many WatchLists as you like, each with up to 100 stocks in it.


Building a WatchList

WatchList Icon To access a WatchList, you can either open one directly from the Classic area of the Live Tab, or via the WatchList icon on your Desktop Toolbar.

There are two types of WatchLists - System WatchLists, and User WatchLists. System WatchLists are ones everyone has access to that we believe are useful - things like the ASX-50. User WatchLists are ones you have created yourself, and are visible only to you.

By default, we provide you with a single empty WatchList.

This window consumes 5 Session Points when used by a Dynamic Data subscriber, or one Static View per refresh when viewed by a Static Data subscriber.


Assets can be added or removed to a WatchList by entering a trading code into the Add/Remove box along the top. If an asset is not in the list it will be added, otherwise it will be removed.

Window Menu A WatchList's Table Layout may be modified by selecting 'Configure Layout' from the window menu icon (shown left).

Temporary Watchlists can be created simply by clicking the WatchList icon, or by selecting 'New WatchList'. Changes to these WatchLists will be lost if you close the Desktop, so if you want to keep them, remember to save the WatchList. Once a WatchList has been saved, any changes that are made to its contents will be automatically saved as well.

Managing WatchLists

Save Icon To save a WatchList, click the save icon (shown left) on either the window header or from the drop-down menu. The Save WatchList window will appear, allowing you to enter a name and description of the WatchList you've created. Clicking the Save button will update an existing WatchList (if you opened one), and Save As will save a new WatchList.

You can also use this to update the name or description of a WatchList, simply by opening it and using the 'Save' button from the Save WatchList window. If you've selected a different layout to be used for this WatchList (and saved the layout), this layout will be used the next time you open that WatchList.

Delete Icon To delete an existing WatchList, open it and then select the Delete icon (shown left) from the drop-down menu. Click 'Delete' in the confirmation window, or 'Keep' if you've changed your mind.


WatchLists themselves are draggable objects from the toolbar. You can drag the icon itself, which will create an empty Watchlist, or you can drag any of the individual buttons onto a Live Session window containing an existing Live Search, WatchList, or Portfolio Status.

Individual rows in the search are also draggable objects. You can drag them to any window that accepts an Asset - Asset Details, Course of Trades, Market Depth, Charts, or News Filters - as well as onto another WatchList or Portfolio Status that is showing a Like list.

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