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Three single-asset windows grouped together, all showing BHP

Window Grouping is a feature of the Desktop, and allows you to link any of the Single-Asset windows together, causing any change of the target to be reflected in all the other members.

This enables quickly viewing all the details of a single Asset - applying news filters, showing charts, and more.


What windows can be grouped

All the Single-Asset windows, including Asset Details, Course of Trades, Market Depth, Charts or News Filters

How to group windows

Group Button All windows that can be grouped will show the Group button in the top-left (shown left). Clicking on this will begin targeting, allowing you to select another single-asset window to group with. You can group with another ungrouped window, or with an existing group.

For tabbed windows, group the window while it is floating, then dock it.

To cancel while in the middle of the grouping process, press Escape on the keyboard. Alternatively just group it with something, then remove the group.

Making a default group

Default Button All windows that can be grouped will have a Make Default button available from their menu. Clicking this will make the windows of the Group the default target for clicks. Any Assets clicked in a Live Search, WatchList or Portfolio Status will be sent to the Group.

You can override this temporarily by holding Shift when clicking an Asset Code, and permanently by looking to the Desktop Settings menu in your Desktop Toolbar and selecting Reset Default Asset.

Removing from a group

Ungroup Button Once a window is part of a Group, the Ungroup button will be displayed instead. Clicking it will remove that window from a Group. Alternately, you can close the window, but this will obviously remove it from your desktop layout too.

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