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These are some public frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Australian Share Traders Co-operative Limited. Other information is available when Subscribers make a Co-op Membership Enquiry. The Members of the Co-op have further information available at TT after login then via the Co-op tab.

What are the registration details

We were first registered with Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) as a "trading co-operative" on 6 November 2009 and our Organisation Number is G0003479Y (ABN: 50 976 789 710)

What other background information is available

CAV is the primary source. See their section about Co-operatives.

What legislation is applicable

The Co-operatives Act 1996 (VIC).

How to search the legislation

If you need to find some particular aspect, or browse the act, then the following Google search is useful. Thanks to the Australasian Legal Information Institute. For example, to search for the single word "proxy" use this search: proxy

Of course replace the word "proxy" with other words or phrases.

How to contact

See the contact details.

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