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Condition Codes are displayed in the Course of Trades in the Conditions column, and signify special conditions or behaviour of the associated Trade. These somewhat cryptic codes are given slightly more detail below.


On Market Condition Codes

On Market trades affect the last price, in addition to the total traded volume. These can only occur during market hours.

Exclusively On-Market Condition Codes
Code Name Crossing
GL Government Loan Optional
WH Wholesale Interest Rate Optional

Off Market Condition Codes

Off Market trades do not affect the last price, but are counted in the total traded volume. These can occur both during and outside market hours.

Exclusively Off-Market Condition Codes
Code Name Crossing
BK Buy Back Optional
CT Combination Optional
DR Direct Reporting Optional
EC Exercised Call Optional
EP Exercised Put Optional
ET ETF Always
EQ Derivatives/Cash Combination Optional
FD Forward Delivery Optional
IB Index Replicating Always
LT Late Trade Optional
L1 Late Trade - Book Squaring Optional
L2 Late Trade - Hedging Optional
L3 Late Trade - Order Completion Optional
L4 Late Trade - Error Optional
L5 Late Trade - Put Through Optional
NX National Best Bid Order Crossing Always
OC Over-The-Counter Always
OR Overseas Resident Optional
OS Overseas Trade Optional
P1 Special Crossing - Put T2 Always
P2 Special Crossing - Put T3 Always
SO Underwriting Shortfall Always
SP Special Crossing Always
ST Price Stabilisation Optional
SX Portfolio Special Crossing Always
S1 Special Crossing T1 Always
S2 Special Crossing T2 Always
S3 Special Crossing T3 Always
TM Tailor Made Combination Optional
XT Cross Trade N/A

Mixed Condition Codes

Some condition codes can be used both on and off market.

Code Name Crossing
CX CentrePoint Trade Optional
VM Volume Match N/A
XT Cross Trade N/A

Placeholder Trades

Placeholder trades do not affect the last traded price, or the total traded volume.

Code Name Crossing
BP Booking Purpose Optional
LN Loan Optional
LR Loan Return Optional
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