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Interface Questions

How many Desktops can I create

You can have as many as 100 Desktop layouts saved.

Can multiple Desktops be used simultaneously

Yes. For example, with multiple attached monitors, or with virtual Spaces/Screens, or even with a single small display on a laptop. Concurrently use as many of your saved Desktops as necessary, each in separate browser windows. See other notes.

How many Live Searches / Watchlists / News Filters can I create

You can have as many Live Searches, WatchLists and News Filters saved as you like. You are only limited by your Static Views or Session Points, which determine how many you can have open or view at the same time.

How to modify and configure searches

Start with the overview about Live Search and its links to tutorials and example searches.

How to use drag-and-drop

Point to the relevant row of a watchlist or search table. Anywhere on the row will do. Press and hold. As you drag, the asset name will appear. Still holding, drag across to another window (e.g. Market Depth or Charts) and release anywhere, thereby dropping the asset code onto the window.

Similarly, drag-and-drop the coloured bar of an asset window to another window.

Drag-and-drop is also used from the Desktop Toolbar. For example, point to the Searches menu, highlight a particular search, click and hold, then drag-and-drop to a Live Search window. Similarly switch between watchlists by dragging from the Watchlists menu.

See Also: The main article on Drag-and-Drop functionality.

How to group a set of asset windows

Certain windows can be "Grouped" (i.e. linked together). When an Asset code is entered in one window, then its other grouped windows will reflect the change. Select the "Group" link icon on the first window, then select which other window to group it with. Repeat to add another window to the group.

One set of Market-Depth/Course-of-Trades/Chart windows could be so linked, while another set could remain un-connected.

See Also: The main article on Window Grouping functionality.

Technical Indicator Questions

What is Trade Safety

TT determines the minimum average daily volume (ADV) that will allow a liquid entry. It uses two parameters:

A green flag will be displayed in the TS column when the Trade Safety requirements are met. Checking the 'Trade Safety' box will filter out stocks that do not meet the requirements.

How to understand the Searches

Each market Search (either system searches or your own ones) will present the results in a table, showing assets which meet the various criteria defined for that search. As each asset meets the criteria then it is automatically added to the table, and its row will be green colour for a few seconds to indicate that it is being added. If an asset stops meeting those criteria, then the asset will be automatically removed, and its row will be red colour for a few seconds to indicate that it is being removed.

Note that some searches are designed to behave differently during Pre-Open/Pre-CSPA market phases and during the day.

See more information about Live Search and Example Searches.

Why is Course-of-Trades empty after midnight

Because it is a new day. Leading up to the market Open, some assets might have overseas trades showing.

Subscription Questions

Can I have more than one account

Only a single trial account is permitted, however full subscribers are allowed to have multiple accounts. If you are a full subscriber and you wish to have a second account, you need to create a trial account and then apply for renewal. All new accounts must start as a trial account where they can be upgraded at any time.

Can I login from multiple computers at the same time

Yes! You may use TurboTrader from as many computers as you wish, all at the same time. However, you will still be subject to your Static Views or Session Points limit - these are global across your Account.

Why can't I change my primary email address

You cannot change your primary email address as a trial account. Only full subscribers can change their primary email address.

What is the difference between a Professional and Non-Professional Investor

The following definition is provided by the ASX in their Market Information Products and Services Guide:

A Non-Professional means any person who accesses the Information for their personal and private use. This expressly excludes, without limitation, the following:
* anybody registered with any securities agency, regulatory or self-regulatory body;
* anybody engaged in a financial services business or employed as a financial adviser;
* anybody accessing or using the Information other than for personal use relating to their own investment portfolio;
* anybody accessing the Information in the course of their employment or in connection with any form of trade or business;
* anybody engaged in the business of accessing or aggregating information and redistributing or otherwise furnishing that information to third parties;
* if the Subscriber Agreement between the End User and the NTP is signed in a name other than the name of the End User in their personal capacity.

General Questions

How to search for asset codes

To find the Code, type part of the company name, then press the Enter key. A new window will present the results. Select the relevant one, then proceed.

For example, looking for "Quantum": Use only use part of the word as the ASX abbreviate the names. Also try to use four letters instead of three which takes you past the Company Code. Typing "quan" or "quant" works very well.

Using Ctrl+Enter will present all the matches, including Options.

Set the colour scheme for dark background

Some traders prefer a black background, with vivid colours, and not having the glare of white. The default "Site Theme" is "Green" being the white background. Change this site-wide setting at the "Account : Details" page to be the "Dark" theme.

Multiple-line chat comments

To add line breaks into the chat postings, there are two techniques:

Either prepare your comments in a separate plain text document, then use copy-and-paste.

Alternatively, in the chat-room comment space, hold the keyboard Shift key while pressing Enter/Return key. This enables adding new lines or blank lines. Of course pressing Return without the Shift key, will actually send the comment.

Why are not many people using chatrooms

Not all users will visit the Chatrooms, some do not like to chat, some find it distracting. Some come and go during the day. Some pop in overnight to review the daily proceedings. Others do visit occasionally to learn about using TurboTrader and the opportunities that it presents.

The summary numbers at the bottom are not indicative of the amount of people using the TurboTrader services.

What are the market opening hours, phases, and holidays

The market time and phase (Pre-open, Pre CSPA, Closed, etc.) are shown in the "Market Status" section of the Desktop Toolbar.

See the ASX Trading hours / Market phases and ASX Trading Calendars for more details.

TurboTrader is available every day 24-hours, so watchlists and assets can be investigated after market hours. The 3-day intra-day charts are particularly useful.


What to do with a blank search window showing just a red cross

If this was a Search window, then select the search from the top Desktop Toolbar, drag-and-drop it onto this window. This will re-commence the dynamic updating table. Similarly for Watchlist windows, select from the relevant Desktop Toolbar menu.

Many windows are greyed-out and have a red cross

There has been an upgrade at the server end while you have remained connected. As explained below, Reload the page.

The green pulses keep pulsing

The green pulsing disks indicate the initial loading of data to a window. Sometimes this might continue to pulse. Use your browser facility to Reload the page, which on a Desktop is the whole browser window.

If it is just a chart window, then first try its "Refresh" button in the top bar of that chart window.

The Desktop interface is very slow

The Desktop is a very complicated webpage and some browsers, especially older ones, have performance issues.

We recommend decreasing the number of dynamic data windows open on the Desktop, upgrading your browser, or switching to the Low Quality mode via your Account Details page.

Reload the page

Occasionally web browsers seem to "get stuck". If you notice problems, then first try doing "Reload" (some browsers call this "Refresh"). Often found on the browser navigation/address/location toolbar.

Shift-Reload to bypass your browser cache

Still seeing problems, then do a full reload to purge your web browser's local cache. This will flush the other TT supporting files, and get everything afresh so that you are up-to-date.

Hold down the Shift key and click the Reload toolbar button. this works for most browsers (IE is different: Ctrl Click).

See detailed notes at Wikipedia's own

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