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Live Tables

Change the style of icons used in your Live Tables via the Settings page under Live.

Classic Modern Description
Icon.Up.png Icon.Up (Modern).png The last price is above the previous price (traded up)
Icon.Down.png Icon.Down (Modern).png The last price is below the previous price (traded down)
Icon.Auction.png Icon.Auction (Modern).png An auction price is bid during pre-open.
Icon.TradingHalt.png Icon.TradingHalt (Modern).png In a Trading Halt
Icon.BuyUp.png Icon.BuyUp (Modern).png An intra-day swing where buyers now exceed sellers
Icon.SellUp.png Icon.SellUp (Modern).png An intra-day swing where sellers now exceed buyers
GreenU.png GreenU.png Exceed 100% otherwise a number is shown, e.g. "4" means 40%
RedX.png RedX.png Cannot compare with the previous value, e.g. zero volume
Icon.New.png Icon.New (Modern).png This is a new listing
Icon.Watch.png Icon.Watch (Modern).png The last price is within 10% of the record high
Icon.Break.png Icon.Break (Modern).png The last price is above the record high
Icon.Watch6.png Icon.Watch6 (Modern).png The last price is within 10% of the 6-month high
Icon.Break6.png Icon.Break6 (Modern).png The last price is above the 6-month high
Icon.Flag.Green.png Icon.Flag.Green (Modern).png This asset has met your trade safety criteria for liquidity
Icon.GapUp.png Icon.GapUp (Modern).png The low for today is greater than the previous high, leaving a gap
Icon.GapUp.png Icon.GapDown (Modern).png The high for today is less than the previous low, leaving a gap (Short Searches only)
Icon.GapFill.png Icon.GapFill (Modern).png The gap is filled, as today's low is equal or less than the previous high
Icon.BollyUp.png Icon.BollyUp (Modern).png The asset opened below the 20-day average (middle Bollinger) and is now above it, and has more daily volume than the previous day
Icon.BollyDown.png Icon.BollyDown (Modern).png The asset opened above the 20-day average (middle Bollinger) and is now below it, and has more daily volume than the previous day
Icon.News.png Icon.News (Modern).png This asset has one or more news announcements released today
Icon.NewsImp.png Icon.NewsImp (Modern).png Today's most recent news announcement was price sensitive
Icon.NewsResume.png Icon.NewsResume (Modern).png Notice of resume time following a price sensitive announcement


Classic Modern Description
Icon.Announce.png Icon.Announce (Modern).png The news item is an Announcement
Icon.Notice.png Icon.Notice (Modern).png The news item is a Market Control Notice
Icon.Critical.png Icon.Critical (Modern).png Critical Priority news item (Price Sensitive)
Icon.High.png Icon.High (Modern).png High Priority news item (Price Sensitive)
Icon.Medium.png Icon.Medium (Modern).png Normal Priority news item
Icon.Low.png Icon.Low (Modern).png Low Priority news item



Daily Charts

Intra-day Charts


See Also: Condition Codes

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