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Dynamic Data subscribers must purchase what are called Session Points. These act as a limiter on the number of dynamic windows that can be open at any one time. The more Session Points you have, the more dynamic windows you can open at once.


What are Session Points

Session Points represent the bandwidth and resources used by a dynamic window. Every window has a set number of Session Points it uses when active. Pausing or closing a window frees those Session Points for use by another window.

How do they work

Every Dynamic Data subscriber has a limit on the number of Session Points it can be using at any one time. This is across your entire account, and independent of how many computers or browsers you use.

By opening a dynamic window - a Live Search, a WatchList, a Market Depth or a Course of Trades - you use Session Points, and by closing a dynamic window you free those points. Open too many windows, and you hit your Session Point limit.

What happens if I reach the limit

If you reach your Session Point limit, any new dynamic windows will be opened in a paused state, appearing as greyed out and empty. You will not be able to resume a paused window until you pause or close enough other windows.

How many points does each window use

Many windows have no cost involved, and you can open as many as you like. For the windows that do, they are listed below:

Window Points Used
Live Search 10
Portfolio Like List 10
Live WatchList 5
Portfolio Keep List 5
Market Depth 2
Course of Trades 2
News Filter 1

How do I increase my limit

Each Account is required to have a minimum of 50 points. For example, this gives three Live Searches, two WatchLists, two Market Depth and Course of Trades windows, and a News Ticker, all at once.

You can increase your Session Point limit by purchasing more as part of your Dynamic Data Service subscription. Points may be purchased in blocks of 25.

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