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Stock Markets are one of the most popular arenas for both traders and investors alike, but these markets are often traded incorrectly. Like any profession the correct tools and the correct state of mind are the essential ingredients for success. The right attitude without the right trading tools will fail just as easily as the wrong attitude with the best tools available. The trick is getting the right balance between the emotions and the electronics and that's where we step in.

TurboTrader provides the essential tools for live trading powered by live data direct from the stock exchange. There are no downloads, installers or patches. All you need is a browser and internet access.

Our unique approach of employing Live Searches can be likened to the explorations some traders perform on historical data using charting packages. The explorations need to be configured and then manually executed again, and again, and again.

The difference is that TurboTrader searches run dynamically on live market data and you see the results change with the live market action. You can name and save as many searches as you need and recall them for instant execution and display. You can even search Market News and filter just the results you're after.

You can create and name as many WatchLists as you need and save them according to market sector, minerals, energy or just plain favourites. Market Depth and Course of Trades can be linked to Charts, Asset Details and even News Filters. Drag and drop a stock code into any linked window and reveal all facets of the stock simultaneously.

You can change your layouts or save various layouts that may depict your mood or the market. You can even create different desktops containing different layouts, searches, watch lists, etc.

The entire interface is backed up with Chatrooms for general discussion, Co-operative business or Help and Support with the interface. Socialise in chat with other members and subscribers or chat with the developers over ideas, improvements or assistance.

TurboTrader really is live and delivers the most essential tools for live trading.

Learn more about the Australian Share Traders Co-operative Limited

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