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Learning a new tool can be a difficult task, especially if you're a busy trader. To help you get the most out of TurboTrader and your 14-day Free Trial, we've put together a set of brief tutorials that will walk you through the various aspects of the TurboTrader platform.


Before you start

The Quick Start guide is a basic overview to get you going, and is highly recommended for new users to peruse.

As you read our tutorials, please be aware of the following:

Video Tutorials

Visit our YouTube Channel and view our suite of video tutorials on how to use TurboTrader.

Readable Tutorials

Hate watching a video to learn how to do something? Try reading our Tutorials, filled with plenty of images to show what to do.

Basic Tutorials

For new users to TurboTrader and existing users trying to learn Mach 2, these set of basic tutorials will cover the essential knowledge you need to use our platform.

Intermediary Tutorials

For users who are more comfortable with TurboTrader, these tutorials delve a little deeper into the functionality of our interface.

Advanced Tutorials

When you're ready to use the full power of TurboTrader, our advanced tutorials delve into the heart of the interface.

Other Tutorials

Arrange the Desktop

Demonstrate how to dock windows and arrange the Desktop.

Configure window layouts

Demonstrate how to configure window layouts, e.g. add other columns to a table.

Configure searches

Demonstrate how to configure searches.

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